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We fight for your rights...

ALFA Lawyers will guide you through the vast legal maze and act for you in all criminal defence and police matters, traffic law, intervention orders, or civil court litigation & court appearances, or act for your business in all leasing & commercial matters. We offer our clients sensible and clear fixed fees and scale rates for most legal work...


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About Us




ALFA Lawyers fight for your rights...


ALFA Lawyers is a modern incorporated legal practice located in the inner-city suburb of South Melbourne. We are dedicated to assisting you to successfully apply accountability to alleged wrongdoers (individuals or companies) who may have caused you financial or other damage or injuries, either personally, or to your business interests. Our view is that the law in Australia supports fairness and justice in the community, including clear community perceptions of justice, natural justice, and the concept that people and companies must accept responsibility, and be accountable, for the consequences of how they conduct themselves in their business or personal affairs. If you have a police, traffic, fraud (white-collar crime) or other criminal matter, we will fight for your rights under the law to give you the best chance of defeating the allegations, or, if you are pleading guilty, we will work with you to try to obtain the lowest possible sentence. We offer fixed fee legal services with special expertise in forensic accountability issues, as our principal lawyer is also a highly experienced CPA qualified forensic accountant. We offer our services to you as a business person, or as an individual, or if you are a lawyer or accountant who requires skilful gathering of forensic evidence to support your clients’ cases, to you as well.


Whether potential wrongdoers are your employers, employees, neighbours, business associates, family members, or companies you may deal with as a consumer, or in a business relationship, we help you investigate or examine potential or alleged accountability issues to determine culpability, if any, under the law, and if illegal activity is uncovered, we help you hold offenders accountable by gathering the evidence to help you prove their responsibility and accountability for dishonest and damaging conduct.


On the other hand, if you are accused of a crime we will defend you in the criminal courts under the same principles of fairness, accountability, and justice that we apply to the prosecution of offenders in the civil courts. Our experienced criminal defence lawyers will vigorously defend your legal rights, and we will make every effort to obtain the best possible outcome for you in a police or criminal law matter. In addition to our legal capabilities, we can offer integrated evidence gathering, analysis, and assessment employing significant skills in forensic auditing which can be applied to the gathering of important forensic evidence, in any type of legal matter, either commercial law or in the important and sensitive area of family law, to help prove your case, and to demonstrate the accountability of the person or company that may be ultimately responsible for your proven losses. Skilful evidence gathering is also critically necessary for success in criminal law matters and in civil mediation or negotiation, and crucial to your success if the case should ever proceed to the courts.  


At ALFA Lawyers, our relationship with you is important to us. One important way we can express our respect and concern for you as a client is to confer with you on a regular basis. Frequent updates of progress in your case are important for your well-being and for you to have the opportunity to continue to instruct us and advise us as your case progresses. We consider this regular communication so important that we offer it as a free client service in the form of text messaging services. We will not bill you for any short text messages we receive, or reply to, in regard to your case.  We want you to feel in control as much as possible in any matter, and fully informed, when important decisions must be made either in costs or in strategy. You can count on us to update you and confer with you in this way whenever called for. In addition, you will find that our fees for our services to you are exceptionally reasonable. We invite you to compare our fees for service with any other legal firm, and, more importantly, we invite you to look at the methods we use to calculate our fees in order to give you the most cost-effective service.


At ALFA Lawyers, we understand that navigating legal challenges can be daunting. That's why, as a courtesy to you, we are pleased to offer a complimentary Case Assessment to help you gain clarity about your situation. This no-obligation telephone assessment includes:

  • Initial Cursory Review: A brief evaluation of the facts you present to us, aimed at identifying the general legal issues at hand.

  • Potential Pathways: We'll outline the possible legal pathways and outcomes based on the information provided, helping you understand what might lie ahead.

  • First Steps Guidance: Suggestions for initial steps you could consider to address your situation.

Please Note: Our complimentary case assessment is a courtesy designed to provide a brief preliminary evaluation of your situation based on the information you provide. It does not constitute legal advice, nor does it establish a lawyer-client relationship. For detailed advice tailored specifically to your case, including strategic planning and legal representation, we invite you to discuss retaining our legal services.

Should you wish to proceed with us, we're ready to offer the comprehensive legal expertise and the support you need. To schedule your complimentary case assessment, please call us. Let us help you navigate your legal journey with confidence.

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OUR People

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Mobile Phone:  0478 049 134
Office Phone:   03 9690 0662

Direct Email:

Alfred R. Fabrizio, BSc, LLB, GDLP, CPA
Barrister and Solicitor, Forensic Accountant

Our Principal Lawyer and Director, Alfred R. Fabrizio, also a CPA since 1985, practised for over 22 years as a global corporate general manager for two high-profile international Australian companies, where he specialised in risk management, forensic accounting matters, internal controls, fraud investigations and prosecutions, and fraud detection and prevention strategies. To complete the skill set necessary for issues of legal accountability, in 2006 he added legal expertise to his professional forensic accounting and auditing skills, by qualifying as an Australian legal practitioner and also completing a graduate diploma in legal practice. Our principal then continued to develop his legal skills and forensic accounting abilities as a lawyer and general manager of global risk for an international Australian-based company.  He is now the Director and Principal Lawyer at ALFA Lawyers.

Alfred (Al) Fabrizio is an Australian Legal Practitioner, a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory, and he is admitted to the Register of Practitioners of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, the Federal Court of Australia, and the High Court of Australia.  He is also a highly experienced forensic accountant (CPA qualified).

Please feel free to contact Al directly by email or by his mobile phone. He will be pleased to assist you and give you a complimentary case assessment.  

Professional Qualifications and Admissions

  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 

  • Bachelor of Laws, Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria

  • Bachelor of Science (accounting and industrial psychology), Thomas Jefferson University (formerly Philadelphia University), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  • CPA Australia - Certified Practising Accountant

  • Admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria

  • Admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

  • Admitted to the Register of Practitioners – Federal Court of Australia

  • Admitted to the Register of Practitioners – Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

  • Admitted to the Register of Practitioners – High Court of Australia


We also have affiliated lawyers, barristers, and other legal professionals available to help you when required.

Lawyer Office



There are several methods we as legal practitioners can use to calculate our professional fees.  We will use fixed fees whenever possible.  Fixed fees add certainty to your situation, reduce costs tensions between you and your solicitor, and remove anxiety about spiraling legal costs.  Where fixed fees cannot be applied to your matter, we can base our fees on the applicable court scales of costs, our in-house scale, or the Practitioner Remuneration Order.  Scales of costs are regulated by Acts of Parliament or Statutory Rules and their application is supervised by the courts.  If you wish to view the the various courts' scales of legal costs, please follow this link.  Other billing methods we can agree on with you are, for example, a reasonable combination of hourly an rate and a fixed fee.

Criminal Court Appearances
Fixed fees available

For criminal matters which can resolve at the first mention, our reasonable fixed fees are very competitive. Our fixed fee for eligible criminal matters covers our conference with you, our advice to you, preparation of a plea in mitigation, and one court appearance, including adjournments.  

For criminal matters in which you plead not guilty, we can also offer you competitive combination of fixed fees and scale rates for each mention court appearance (depending on the complexity of your charges), not including disbursements such as a barrister or medical reports, if required.  

For more information on our criminal law services and our reasonable fixed fees, please see our Criminal Law page, or telephone our office.

Intervention Orders
Fixed fees available

To defend or prosecute an Intervention Order, our fees can be fixed for each appearance or, for more complicated matters, we can use a fixed fee plus our Scale of Costs.  Disbursements, such as barrister's fees (if required), are extra and will be billed to you at cost.

Please see our Criminal Law page for more information, or please contact our office for further details about our low fixed fees and the conditions that apply to them.

Divorce Applications and Financial Agreements
Fixed fees or combination of fixed fees and Family Law scale of costs

Please see our Divorce or Financial Agreement pages for details and conditions of our economical fixed fee arrangements for divorce applications and financial agreements.  For more information on our fixed fees, please telephone our office.

Commercial Matters and Civil Court Appearances

Fees based on court scales of costs are available in VCAT or Magistrates' Court litigation matters

If you are a company or an individual, we provide you with realistic and relevant advice on your commercial legal matters or in dispute resolution, or, if required, on your prospects of success in commercial litigation.  And we will inform you of all the legal options available to help you achieve your targeted goals. Importantly, we are also keenly aware of the potentially high costs that any legal matter can generate today, and we fully understand your need to keep your legal costs proportional to the principles at stake, without compromising on the quality of the services we provide.  We, therefore, offer you the choice of method used to calculate our professional fees in your matter.

Our fees for acting for you in any commercial or business legal matter are exceptionally reasonable. We recommend that you investigate the legal fees and costs for your matter when choosing a lawyer.  For Magistrates' Court and VCAT civil litigation matters, we can offer reasonable fees based on the court scales of cost.  We can also offer a fixed fee together with a reasonable hourly rate, if appropriate to your case. Our billing methods can give you the most cost-effective outcome in your legal matter.  It also allows you to budget your litigation costs evenly over the length of your case.

Our firm expects to place itself under the same level of accountability that we would apply to others. Therefore, to help you achieve the best results for the most reasonable cost, we will explain how our fixed fee billing methods work, and compare it with the following methods, which are also available to you:

  • Costing based entirely on time (reasonable hourly rates)

  • Fixed fee, or a combination of a fixed fee plus a court-approved scale of costs

  • Court-approved scales of costs

We also offer you the convenient choice of paying our fees (including payment of trust account funds) by DEBIT or CREDIT CARD.


We cordially invite you to call us now for a complimentary case assessment with an experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly lawyer who will help you to determine the nature of your legal issues, discuss the available options, and give you an estimate of costs to proceed with the matter.  Or see our Business Law page for further information.





ALFA Lawyers

Law Office

Level 4, 80 Market Street

South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

All Correspondence to: 

PO Box 722

South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

Mobile:  0478 049 134  (call anytime)

Office Phone:   03 9690 0662  (9 AM to 5:30 PM)



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Telephone us anytime to talk with an experienced lawyer and obtain a complimentary case assessment.  

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